4 years

Starting Date

February, August

Tuition Fee

$AUD 36,000 per year


Canberra, Australia

CRICOS Code: 065103M

Admission Requirements

  • Evidence of successful completion, preferably within the last 10 years, of a four-year APAC-accredited sequence in psychology, or its equivalent, so that the applicant is eligible for Associate Membership of the Australian Psychological Society and registration with the ACT Psychologists’ Board. Applicants are expected to have achieved an honours 1 standard in their 4th year psychology Honours or Graduate Diploma course, or the equivalent. Evidence of research training and aptitude for research.

English Language Requirements

  • IELTS Band: 7
  • PTE Academic: 65

The program

This course will help you complete all the requirements of masters-level professional training including; learning advanced assessment, evaluation, and intervention skills, and participating and publishing an independent research project – which in turn will allow you to register as a psychologist once you graduate.

This course will provide you with everything that you will ever need to start working as a practicing psychologist.

Study a PhD in Clinical Psychology from University of Canberra and you will:

  • use your knowledge of psychology and mental health to critically assess, diagnose, develop case formulations, treat and prevent psychological problems and mental health issues across the lifespan
  • understand your profession concerning the unique role of clinical psychologists in providing evidence-based psychological services, including assessment, diagnosis, treatment, research and consultancy services across diverse settings
  • understand psychopathology, psychological psychopharmacology and psychological medicine, and neurological issues relevant to mental health presentations, diagnostic systems, health psychology and behavioural medicine
  • transform research and evaluation findings into policy, applied knowledge, and improved treatments
  • provide competent expert oral and written reports to various stakeholders on psychological matters for health, medical, medico-legal, and forensic purposes
  • competently work within a cross-cultural context
  • practice with children, adolescents, adults and older persons in a manner relevant to Clinical Psychology
  • conduct high-level advanced independent research on a topic of clinical relevance.

Courses Included

  • Professional Psychological Practice
  • Forensic Psychology for Clinicians
  • Health Psychology for Clinicians
  • Practicum Placement
  • EBT Children Adolescents and Families
  • EBT Adult
  • Advanced Assessment and Intervention

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for Clinical Psychologists are considerable, and UC graduates are in high demand in a wide range of services within the public and private sectors, such as:

  • private practice, supporting members of the public
  • health departments, hospitals, and community practices
  • national, state or local government or non-government organisations
  • welfare agencies, educational institutions, defence, justice and community services
  • agencies conducting research and evaluation
  • university departments of psychology.

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